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Hi! Welcome to Green Pet Companies! If you’re looking for environmentally-friendly pet products and services in the Pacific Northwest, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re a local, family-owned company that offers several services for your pet waste removal needs while helping you and your family (and your pet) reduce your negative environmental impact. We’ve been serving the Portland area for 9 years and the Seattle area for about 5 years. Our compost facility is in the Kitsap Peninsula.

Our mission is to make a POSITIVE environmental impact by keeping pet waste and plastic bags out of our landfills.

It’s estimated that 183.9 million dogs and cats are owned in the United States (2017-2018 APPA Survey Each pet poops about once or twice daily. And all that poop is almost always disposed of tied up in plastic bags, and end up in a landfill. What if we could keep all that waste and plastic bags out of our landfills? But something’s got to be done with it, right? How about we eliminate the use of plastic bags and make something good with the waste itself?


Enjoy Your Yard Again

Our friendly, professional pooper scooper will come by once a week to keep your yard clean and free of all the nasty little waste your four-legged BFF leaves behind. Plus, we'll also haul it away and compost it to keep the environment clean, too!

Help Save the Planet

Over 10 million tons of pet waste end up in our landfills each year and most are preserved in non-biodegradable plastic bags.  So, this naturally biodegradable waste isn't breaking down fast enough. Leaving it on the ground is bad, too, because it allows bacteria and pathogens to seep into the ground and contaminate our soil and water runoff.

Protect Your family

Having your pet's waste cleaned up on a regular basis- rain or shine, winter or summer will help keep your family safe from the harmful pathogens and bacteria that can settle into your grass and soil.

What We Are About

We want to revolutionize the pet waste industry by changing the way we perceive it – and what we do with it! Every year, millions of pounds of kitty litter, pet waste, and plastic doggie bags end up in our landfill sites and we want to change that! The pet waste we collect is taken to our compost facility where it’s turned into safe (pathogen-free), nutrient-rich, and environmentally-friendly compost! Did we mention it’s odor-free?! Seriously, you’d never guess it came from pet poop. And grass, plants, and flowers LOVE it!

Green Pet services are currently available in the Portland and Seattle areas. We are in the process of expansion and hope to be serving a much broader area soon. If we don’t currently serve your area, please ask to be put on a wait list. As soon as we get enough interest in your area, we will create a route and start servicing you and your neighbors! Please help us get the word out!

We’ve had great success and wonderfully loyal clients and we’re now ready to grow our family and bring you more! Get ready for some fun, funky, stylish, and beautiful pet products and clothing coming soon! And to stay true to our Green Pet beliefs, all of our products will be made from recycled and compostable material. So, stay tuned!

As a family-owned, local business, we look forward to sharing our growth with you! We can support each other and give each other props for doing better for our environment together! Let’s connect through Facebook and Instagram and make this movement one big, awesome PNW family. Share your pet’s pics and videos with us. (Come on, you know you want to- you’re a proud pet parent! We’re going to do it, too!) And sometimes, we’ll have themes or contests! Let’s build a community and let’s have fun doing it!

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It's a dirty job...

No one really enjoys cleaning up after their pet because honestly, it's just gross.  Here are some reasons why you should use our service to take care of it for you-

  • It smells bad
  • It takes time
  • It rains here a lot
  • You may miss a few
  • We don't put it in your trash bin. We haul it away and COMPOST it!

Most importantly for us is this- an incredible amount of pet waste ends up in our landfills each year securely tied in plastic bags that will take decades to break down.  We solved this issue by spending over 9 years now perfecting the process of composting your pet's waste into clean, pathogen-free, SMELL FREE, soil enhancer.  Just ask us, we'll be glad to deliver you a bag for free!

So, with all that being said, what other reason do you really need for us to take care of your yard and take care of the planet at the same time?

Next Steps...

Take a look at the different services and products we provide.  Our most popular service is the weekly yard cleanup service, but since helping protect our environment and eliminate waste to our landfills ranks pretty high on our priority list, we also offer weekly bucket pickup for those clients who prefer to clean up their yard themselves or go on frequent walks, but still want to help limit their footprint.

The same goes for our cat parents, we haven't left you out!  We also offer kitty litter service that provides 3 lbs of compostable cat litter every week so we can keep all the clay litter out of our landfills as well.  Don't even get us started on the harmful effects of clay litter...