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Here at Green Pet, we offer all sorts of services and products that help keep your four-legged friend’s negative environmental impact to a minimum! We specialize in all things where pet and environmentally-friendly meet. That’s where you’ll find Green Pet, ready and waiting with a smile (and a pooper scooper!).

Green Pet Compost Company!

We offer yard cleanup services in the Pacific Northwest (Portland and Seattle and their metro areas) through our Green Pet Cleaning Company division. Our friendly and helpful team will come out to your yard and actually scoop the poop for you! But here’s where we’re different from any other pooper scooper service…

Green Pet Compost Company

Weekly pet waste cleanup is hauled away to our composting facility where all the magic happens!  We scour your yard once a week to collect and haul away your pet’s waste, leaving your yard clean, usable, and safe for your family and pets. (starting at $14.95) Get Started Now

Green Pet Compost Company

Don’t have a backyard or you’re diligent about picking up after your pet every time he or she goes potty but still want to help the environment and keep plastic bags and pet waste out of the landfills? No problem! You can still do that with our bucket collection service! We’ll provide you with a bucket lined with a compostable bag for you to collect your pet’s waste in and once a week, we’ll haul it away and leave a clean one in its place. Bucket service is $6.45 for a 2-gallon bucket and $7.75 for a 5-gallon bucket. Sounds Good to Me

Green Pet Composting plus Kitty Litter Service

Additionally, for our cat parents, we offer a kitty litter collection service. It works like the 5-gallon Bucket Service but adds 1 gallon of compostable litter for an additional $5 or 2 gallons for $9.  You and your cat can help our environment, too! Fluffy is Going to Love This

Green Pet Commercial Service

Our company helps pet businesses as well.  Doggie day cares, boarding facilities, pet-friendly multi-unit residential buildings, and any business that caters to their four-legged clientele can all benefit from our services.

Businesses that go the extra mile to help the environment really make an impression on their clients.  And we love working with local business to make sure everyone knows that they are doing their part.

Green Pet Compost Company

This is where we deal in the actual compost we create. After collecting your dog’s or cat’s poo, our cleaning service delivers all of its waste to our central processing plant in the Kitsap Peninsula. This is where we turn it all into safe (pathogen-free), nutrient-rich, and environmentally-friendly compost! Did we mention it’s odor-free?!

Our compost is available for purchase for your commercial and residential needs at competitive prices. Contact us to find out more or simply to buy some compost for your flower beds and backyard!

We offer our compost at a discounted price to our yard cleaning and bucket customers (You did help us make it, after all!) so be sure to buy your home compost from us if you are an existing customer. Green Pet Compost Company can provide all the nutrient-rich compost for your gardening needs!

Here’s the dirt

We also sell the compost we create, by the bag and by the yard.  For our clients, bags are only $4 per 10 pound bag and $45 per cubic yard delivered.  Contact us with your exact needs and we can get you a great price for any size project. Request Your Compost Sample

green pet compost company